Upstream Gateway unreachable Thursday 21st November 2019 22:25:02

We have received multiple alerts from our monitoring systems that one of the upstream gateways is currently having packet loss. Currently this may impact the reachability of your service.

As a result of the re-occuring stability issues of the upstream network, we have requested the upstream provider to migrate our primary gateways for AS47447 to another routing platform until the software issues are solved together with Juniper JTAG. Those changes will be carried out next week during the night with a short connection interruption of around 5 minutes. You will find the according maintenance windows on the status page.

The upstream network is stabilizing again. We will further continue to closely monitor the situation.

We confirmed the status of the CuByte core network to be healthy. We see connection loss depending on how client traffic is routed to us. Connections going through DE-CIX seem to be stable, whereas connections coming from Vodafone are lost. We have involved our upstream providers in this matter and are waiting for feedback.